What tips to know upon hiring a security guard for your business

September 2, 2017

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Hiring a security guard company that is reputable as Berkeley private security company can be a relatively simple process. However, there are some things you can do to make it easier and ensure you get the service that meets your expectations.

Here are four things:

Know your options: Determining how many guards and what type of security you need should be your priority. There are some common options that most companies will offer, such as armed and unarmed security guards or undercover loss prevention and overnight security. Knowing the specific type of security guard and services you need will better equip the security company to match you with a guard that can accommodate your needs.

Background checks: Every security guard must meet the standards set by the state in which they work. In California, the background check is conducted by the Department of Justice and FBI. Some companies, though, may conduct their background checks when hiring guards, depending on the level of service they are expected to provide.

Think local: This might be an obvious priority for some, it can be beneficial to hire a company that has a local office in the area you need service. There are many national security guard services that operate regionally or across the U.S., but some of them lack the type of local knowledge that can be helpful when providing security services. A security guard company that is familiar with the community is more important to some jobs than others. It’s always comforting to know that you can easily contact or meet with an associate of a company in the same city.

Contract and Terms: Once you’ve determined your security needs and settled a company that you like, it’s time to think about the terms of the contract. Many companies may have a basic contract that includes the core expectations of the job. However, it’s best to include any specifics in a contract of your own if the job has any special requirements. Such things can be patrolling certain areas or knowing how to write up their activity logs in a manner consistent with company policies. If there are any other details you want to make sure get covered, be sure to include it in the contract or have the company included it in theirs.

These important tips are provided by Berkeley private security company