Kitchen Heating Ideas

September 2, 2017

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Heating your kitchen is often the last thing on your mind when it comes to choosing radiators or heated towel rails for your home.
For a start, most kitchens are warm when we’re at home because we’re using them to cook in.
With the oven on, the need for a radiator is much diminished. The residual heat from your cooker is quite enough to heat the room, particularly when you’re making a Sunday roast for example.
But, unless you’re practicing for the Great British Bake Off, you aren’t always going to be cooking or baking are you?
So when choosing a radiator for your kitchen there are a few different considerations that you’ll have to make.


    • The space available to you


    • What type of interior walls you have


    • The required heat output


    • Whether you’re a cook or a takeaway kind of person


Each of these things are very important.


For example, if you have limited wall space, but don’t do much cooking, you’re going to need a large oversized vertical designer radiator.
The reason for this is that – as a person that doesn’t do much home cooking – the chances are you won’t benefit from much residual heat from your stove.
Therefore, you’ll need to make up for the shortfall with a radiator or towel rail that kicks out a fair amount of heat.
With tall, slim-line vertical radiators you can save space without having to compromise on the heat output.
There are many types of this radiator available, from flat panelled designs to more tubular installations – both of which are perfectly suited to finishing your kitchen perfectly.
When choosing a radiator such as this – one that is tall and often quite heavy – it’s also vital that you take into consideration the type of walls you have.
If you are lucky enough to have strong brick walls in your kitchen, then there is no danger of it falling off the wall when you’re making a brew. But if you have stud walls and plasterboard around your kitchen, then it may be a good idea to invest in a floor mounting kit to ensure safety of the radiator.
An example of a floor mounting kit attached to a radiator can be seen here; it simply adds an extra bit of support to the radiator and also introduces a different style dimension too.


There a lot of different choices you can make when choosing a radiator, but it’s really important to remember what the primary job of a radiator actually is – to heat your space.
It’s all well and good choosing a radiator that looks awesome – and that’s quite easy to do if you check out our collection – but if it doesn’t adequately heat your room, what is the point of it being there?
Without the required heat output, all you have is a relatively expensive box of metal that gets a little warm every now and then.
What you need to do, to ensure that you have the correct heat output requirements before parting with your cash, is to make use of a BTU Calculator.
Taking into consideration what is above, below and beside the room, what type of windows you have and the overall size of the space, a BTU calculator will determine the level of heat that you require to leave your space toasty and warm.
There are loads of ways to calculate BTUs online, just google BTU calculator and you’re half way to getting your hands on a rad that’s perfect for your kitchen.

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Stay safe and happy heating!